ahhhhhh, yes...welcome, fiends to our "little shop of horrors". here you will find the most needful of things...the items you simply cannot exist without...the official regalia of the true disciples of the chap hell of horror! a.k.a...."the cool ghouls" and some pretty damned bad-ass t-shirts if i do say so myself...so, my fiends...seek out, and do acquire those items that seduce the vanity within your being...submit to it...you only live once...well...you do anyway...


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the altargirls want you to be the "coolest ghoul in school" so make sure you do them proud and get yourselves an official midnight massacre theatre t-shirt today!


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joseph vargo, gothic fantasy artist and founder of nox arcana & christine filipak...owner and operator of monolith graphics are true disciples of the chap-hell of horror!





"roxsy tyler" of "roxsy tyler's carnival of horror" is also a true disciple of the chap-hell of horror!




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full packs of horror host trading cards are available at www.horrorhostgraveyard.com