and welcome to the dead of night. stay awhile and let me tell you the tale of the midnight massacre theatre. ready? ok. it was a dark and stormy night, wait, it's always a dark and stormy night in this classic late night creature feature show, incorporating modern dark humor and entertainment with the classic late night horror movie showcase creating the most entertaining fright night fun you'll ever experience. we've all been thrilled by the late night creature feature show, hardcore horror film fan or not, everyone enjoys a good creature feature. hosted by a sinister and deranged ex-priest, turned vampire (me! mwahahaaaaaaaaa!) with a penchant for old creepy films, sexy young catholic schoolgirls, a.k.a, my altargirls, (calypso & serpentina), and just dripping with sarcasm and malevolence. i, the sinister minister along with the altargirls, bring the midnight massacre theatre to you in the dead of night making the witching hour creep by with thrills and laughs, while showcasing the best (and sometimes worst) in old, creepy horror films to tingle your spine and chill your bones. we will make your blood run cold! so, kiddies, turn down the lights, light some candles, lock your door, bolt your windows, sit back, curl up and enjoy the midnight massacre theatre!

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